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Once you have your website, you want it to be found by your customers.  Getting your site seen on search engine results pages is important, as is your social media presence.


Let us maximise your exposure and reach out to your target market.


SEO and Marketing packages start from £200 + VAT.

Search Engine Optimisation


Stand out from the crowd…

Search Engine Optimisation is a huge, varied subject with just as many approaches.

What it boils down to is ensuring that your site is correctly formatted and targets your preferred audience.

SEO costs start from £250.00 + VAT


Like it or not, the fact is that people now judge companies on their social output. Your Facebook and Twitter pages become extensions of your shop and website. They are also one of the most frequent places that customers will interact with you.

As such, building a good, solid, Social presence is important to keep your customers and grow your new customer base. It doesn’t need to be hard work or take much time. We can automate some of the process so that you’re not having to repeat yourself.

Social Media prices start from £150.00 + VAT

eCommerce Solutions
Systems integration


Ad campaigns are a great way to build an audience quickly as well as reinforcing other marketing methods.

We can help you build ad campaigns in Google and Facebook amongst others.

Ad Campaigns start from just  £100 + VAT

analytics and research

How fast is your website loading?  Is it displaying correctly on mobiles?  How many people look at your front page each day?

We provide a full range of analytics, research tools and testing environments to ensure that your website is working at it’s very best.

Analytics and testing prices start from £250.00 + VAT

Translation and localisation

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